Advanced Anti-Age Formulations with an exclusive patent. The vital energy of beer from nature directly to the skin.

The content is object of Italian Patent Application No. 1102018000006908 filed on 04.07.2018


Thanks to cosmetic science, the infinite restorative and antioxidant powers contained in Craft Beer remain absolutely intact.


Collesi has developed a patent-pending technology No. 1102018000006908 of 04/07/2018, which has been developed in 12 different stages of production. 


This sophisticated process preserves all the functional properties of beer and its ingredients: barley, malt, hops, yeast and the residues obtained from its artisanal production. 


The result is an exceptional complex of perfectly intact polyphenols that become the heart of every exclusively natural formula. In addition to fighting free radicals, the major cause of skin aging, Catechin and Quercetin effectively protect the skin from UV rays by naturally counteracting their harmful effects.

Ferulic Acid, Synaptic Acid and Vanillic Acid are highly effective antioxidants with anti-aging action, regenerating and protecting cells to fight off dull complexions, fine lines, bags and puffiness.


Caffeic Acid and 3-Caffeoylquinic Acid combine their powerful free radical-fighting action with a deeply calming and soothing effect.

Lastly, Hydroxybenzoic Acid naturally protects the formulas from germs and bacteria, aiding their microbiological stability.


Together, these precious substances awaken the skin’s natural resources, restoring its youth and beauty. The vital processes are reactivated, the epidermis regains its tone and consistency, and the signs of aging diminish. The skin flourishes and returns to a time of extraordinary luminosity.