Anti-Aging night cream (50ml)


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From pure Collesi Dark Craft Beer, an intense anti-aging treatment that rehydrates and restores the skin’s defenses after a long day of exposure to stress and pollutants. During the night hours, the epidermis is more receptive and the cells more readily absorb nutrients and hydrating elements. This formula offers an exceptionally high concentration of Polyphenols obtained with an exclusive “patent-pending” technology from Collesi beer. These functional ingredients with a powerful antioxidant action operate in synergy with precious botanical oils. Macadamia Oil, known for its regenerating and anti-aging properties, activates cellular turnover. Avocado Oil, a genuine concentrate of vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, nourishes the skin with a vitalizing, toning and softening effect. A formula enhanced by anti-spot and naturally toning Hop Extract. It’s a cream that gives the face a reawakened luminosity. Ideal for all skin types. Ideal for all skin types.

Patent: The content is object of Italian Patent Application No. 1102018000006908 filed on 04.07.2018

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