Our history, the stages of success

2000: Distilleries

The family-run business developed from an idea of Giuseppe Collesi. He is the 1997when he decided to open a distillery in the heart of the Marche region in Apecchio, a historic hill town where he has always lived; an unspoilt and generous natural environmentat an altitude of 700 metres, which ensures ideal climatic conditions and excellent raw materials.

La distillery opens at the end of 2001 and as early as 2002, prizes and awards began to arrive. Today the Collesi Grappas are a brand of excellence and the Distillerie the first and most established of the Marches.


2007: Collesi Beers

La Tenute Collesi Beer Factory was born from the passion of Giuseppe Collesi, who is taking Collesi Beer all over the world.
The experience is that of Collesi's master brewer, the Belgian Marc Knops who led the operations from the very beginning to make Collesi's craft beer balanced and appealing, in line with the beers Belgian Trappist women.

They are all at top-fermentationunpasteurised and with natural re-fermentation in the bottle. This process allows the aromas and flavours of each individual ingredient to be kept alive. The construction work for the Collesi Brewery started in 2005, the first batch of beer was brewed in November 2007 and was marketed in March 2008.
I national and international awards were not long in coming, and as with the grappas, they arrived in great numbers.

2016: Gin and vodka

From the deep-rooted tradition of craftsmanship and the relentless pursuit for quality of Tenute Collesi Distilleries two major innovations for the spirits sector are born:

a Gin and one Vodka high-end and strictly made in Italy.


2018: Collesi Beauty

Giuseppe Collesi, rediscovering ancient customs, realised that beer could become an effective natural ingredient for beauty products. Since ancient times, in fact, Babylonian queens and Roman empresses used to bathe in regenerating beer baths, which was also known for its therapeutic and cosmetic properties in Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Age-old rituals that become a source of inspiration to be explored and transformed into advanced cosmetics. From Collesi cosmetics laboratoriesa unique and innovative cosmetic proposal that has led to a production technology with an exclusive patent. This sophisticated process preserves all the functional principles of Beer and its ingredients: Barley, Malt, Hops, Yeast and the scraps of its craft production. With Collesi, the vital energy of beer comes intact from nature to the skin.

2018: Collesi Home Fragrances

Collesi Home Fragrance was born out of Giuseppe's dynamism. It is the desire to return to the roots but with the usual enthusiasm for the new.

The entire line, from fragrances to diffusers, is the olfactory tale of his world. The heart and lymph of the new brand is the indissoluble bond with his father, a skilled distiller. Giuseppe's is a creative journey that is constantly evolving but never casual. The olfactory project is simple: using the distiller's skill to create fragrances capable of evoking precious memories and offering unique suggestions for the five senses.

Suggestive sensory atmospheres to embellish the spaces in your home.


2018: Fabbrica della Birrica tenute Collesi SRL certified ISO 9001

Starting from September 2019 Sorgente di Birra Srl has undertaken the process of certifying its Quality System to the UNI EN ISO 9001 Standard and to the application of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in accordance with UNI EN ISO 22716, to the in order to guarantee products with increasingly high quality, safety and hygiene standards.

And finally Fabbrica della Birra Tenute Collesi Srl is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

La ISO 9001 is the standard of reference for those who want to subject their production process to quality control in a cyclic manner, starting from the definition of requirements, both expressed and not, of customers and ending with the monitoring of the entire production path/process. ISO 9001 certification is voluntary and is a way of qualifying the company, now recognised worldwide.

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