Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is related to the web site/platform registered as and is operative for all users that during the access and during the registration of an account on this site have expressly accepted it. In case of unresolved doubts regarding privacy or the use of data that have not been satisfactorily answered, the data controller, company Collesi Trade s.r.l. is available for any of your requests for specifications or clarifications. You can always contact the data controller indicated and appointed as specified below. Collesi Trade s.r.l. is committed to protect your privacy. This Privacy Policy explains the methods of acquisition, use, purposes, transmission, storage and protection of personal data provided or requested to be provided for the use and/or access and/or registration of the relative website as well as, through it, for the use of the services provided, related and offered therein.
What is set out in this Privacy Policy also applies to all sites as well as any application, service or tool (collectively "Services") owned and/or managed by the company Collesi Trade s.r.l. and in which reference is made to the "Privacy Policy", regardless of the methods of access and use, for example, even through mobile devices.
Definition of personal data
Personal data is information concerning an identified or identifiable natural or legal person. An identifiable natural or legal person is a subject who can be identified, directly or indirectly, by reference to identifiers such as name, company name, identity document number, location data, online identifier or one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that person and/or subject. Data rendered anonymous or in aggregate anonymised form in such a way that a specific natural person or legal entity can no longer be identified, even in combination with other information or in any other way, shall not be considered personal data.
Collesi Trade s.r.l. processes your personal data when you access our site, use our Services, register as a user, request services, request information.
We use the information we collect to: provide and improve our Services, provide you with a personalised experience on the site, contact you regarding our Services, provide you with customer service, and send you offers or promotions regarding third party products and services. More specifics follow in this policy.
You have the possibility to choose the way Collesi Trade s.r.l. treats your personal data for communications, performance of requested services, sending of marketing and advertising personalised messages, as well as to decide whether to remain connected to your account. Any refusal to provide consent to treatment or its revocation may partially or fully limit your ability to access or interact on the site as well as make it impossible to use the services offered through the site.
Collesi Trade s.r.l. respects your right to access, rectify, request deletion of, or limit our use of your personal data, as provided by applicable law. We also take appropriate measures to ensure that the personal data we collect is accurate and up-to-date. Our contact person is available for any clarifications or specific requests you may have. He or she is personally responsible, as well as in a dedicated/specialised manner, for constantly and in every respect protecting the security of the data you provide us with and its proper processing in the manner and for the purposes for which you give your consent.
Upon your request, we will provide you with a copy of your personal data being processed in a commonly used, intelligible, transparent and easily accessible format free of charge (it being understood that, in the event of multiple/numerous such requests, relative and functional expenses may be required). If your personal data is incorrect or incomplete, you have the right to ask us to rectify/update it. You have the right to object, in whole or in part, to the processing of your personal data in the manner and/or for the purposes specified below, always with the caveat that the foregoing - depending on the type/extent of revocation and/or denial of consent to processing expressed by you - may limit or even prevent the possibility of using the services offered and/or promoted through the site or may no longer make it possible to use and/or interact and/or navigate the site and/or specific sections of it.
Collesi Trade s.r.l. may share your personal data with other companies or third parties for purposes strictly related and functional to the provision of services requested and/or functional to the pursuit of legitimate corporate purposes and the processing of data for which you have given your consent always for the purpose of providing the service. The communication to third parties, never indiscriminate and always functional to the above, may be necessary for the specific purpose of ensuring the use of and/or access to our Services, to manage the provision of the same, to ensure compliance with legal obligations, to facilitate the advertising and marketing activities to which you have given your consent or to prevent, detect, mitigate and ascertain activities not allowed in relation to our Services. We try to limit the amount of personal data shared to the minimum necessary and we do not sell or give or otherwise disclose your personal data to third parties for marketing and advertising purposes without your express prior consent.
We retain your personal data for as long as is necessary to provide you with the Services you have requested, or for other essential purposes. In any case, we do not store your data for a period longer than five years from their acquisition and/or start of processing, unless you expressly consent to processing for longer or further periods. The duration of the processing may also be related to, or depend on, the related need to protect the interests and/or rights of the data controller, subject to any relative and fair balance with the legitimate interests of the registered user or of third parties involved in the transactions concluded.
Cookies and similar technologies
Cookies are small text files that sites visited by users send to their terminals (usually browsers), where they are stored and then transmitted back to the same sites on the next visit. Third-party cookies, on the other hand, are set by a website other than the one the user is visiting. This is because on each site there may be elements (images, maps, sounds, specific links to web pages of other domains, etc.) that reside on servers other than that of the site visited. Cookies are used for different purposes: performing computer authentication, session monitoring, storing information on specific configurations concerning users accessing the server, storing preferences, etc. Cookies can be subdivided into different macro-categories according to the purpose of their use and/or the subject responsible for releasing them on users' terminals. When you access or interact with our sites, services, apps tools or messaging systems Collesi Trade s.r.l. may use "cookies" or similar technologies for purposes related to the functionality of the site as well as the provision in your favour of the services required as well as, unless your express and specific refusal, in order to advertise and promote products, including those of third parties, on the site, as well as for marketing purposes and to collect data on your preferences in order to offer and/or reserve a better service and/or product, safer and as far as possible personalized or tailored to your preferences and tastes. We may therefore use cookies, web beacons, plug-ins, unique identifiers and other similar technologies to capture data about the pages and links you visit and other actions you take when using our Services, within advertising content or emails. For a more exhaustive and complete information on the use and management of Cookies by Collesi Trade s.r.l. as well as with regard to any methods of possible denial and/or revocation of consent to their use, always limited to the processing of data relating to you, you can click on the following link and access the relative and detailed information: "Cookie information".
We protect your personal data by adopting technical and administrative security measures to reduce the risk of loss, incorrect or unauthorised use and/or processing and/or access, as well as to prevent the indiscriminate disclosure and tampering with your data. The security systems we use include firewalls, antivirus, data encryption, physical access controls to our data centres and controls for authorising access to personal data. In addition to the above, the company Collesi Trade s.r.l. continually implements physical protection measures on its premises, training of its staff or, more specifically, of the persons responsible for and/or in charge of data processing, as far as each is concerned.
Policy Standards and Protocols
We have established a set of general privacy standards that are binding on the Company itself, its contractors and/or any employees, third parties who otherwise interact in processing your personal data. These standards represent our commitment to protect your personal data and comply with our privacy obligations. Further information on the Binding Corporate Rules can be requested directly from the contact person in charge of the company.
Owner and Data Protection Officer
The Data Controller of the data concerning you is the company Collesi Trade s.r.l. with registered office in Via Lago dei Gabbiani snc - 61042 Apecchio (PU), P.Iva 02787210414. Responsible for the processing as well as for the collection, use, transmission, communication, storage and protection of your personal data in compliance with our privacy standards as well as in accordance with the current and applicable regulations is Giuseppe Collesi who can be contacted at the following addresses Tel. 0722 55 00 70 - email:
Methods of data collection
Collesi Trade s.r.l. collects personal data conferred directly by you and/or acquired automatically through devices (including mobile devices possibly used by you) when you: - use our Services, - register an account on the website and/or platform managed and/or owned and/or connected to Collesi Trade s.r.l. provide data to Collesi Trade s.r.l. in a web form or through email and/or written and/or telephone communications, - update or add information to your account, if any, - participate in community discussion chats or contact Collesi Trade s.r.l. in any other way, some of these personal data, for example the way we use to identify you, your personal data, your residence and/or domicile and/or home address, your tax code and/or VAT number, your references and/or bank account and/or credit card data, are necessary and used strictly for the purpose of providing the requested services or for the conclusion of the relevant transactions and/or contracts and/or shipment of goods and/or services requested. The provision of all other personal data is optional. We may, however, supplement the personal data that you provide or that we collect directly, with other data and information also collected by third parties (under the responsibility of the latter) that we add to your information where received. We collect and may therefore use, for example, data and information that appear on public lists or are in the public domain, additional contact information, credit check data and creditworthiness information provided by the relevant offices, in accordance with applicable national legislation and always for the purposes of marketing and providing the requested service. You may also, under your own responsibility, provide us with personal data on another person, e.g. if you intend to carry out a transaction/purchase in favour of a third party, exclusively or with his/her express consent for which you remain responsible. You should in that case inform the person in question how we collect, process, transmit and store personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
Personal data you provide when using our Services and/or registering an account on our platform
- Identifying data such as first and last names, addresses, telephone numbers or email addresses; - Data related to offers, purchases or sales provided during a transaction or other transaction-based content generated by you or otherwise connected to your account as a result of a transaction in which you participated - Other content generated by you or otherwise connected to your account; - Financial data (e.g. credit card, Pay Pal or bank account numbers or VAT and/or company name and/or tax code references) in relation to a transaction - Shipping, billing and other address information used to purchase or ship a product, as well as, where postal services are provided to or from third countries, information required for customs clearance (e.g., tax or other identification numbers) and shipping information (e.g., shipping codes and updates). - In some cases, when you use our Services, you may indicate your age, gender, interests and preferences. - You may also provide other information through web forms, by updating or adding information to your account, through participation in community discussions, user communications, chat, dispute resolution or when communicating with Collesi Trade s.r.l. in any other way regarding our Services. - Other data that Collesi Trade s.r.l. is obliged or authorised to collect and process, pursuant to current legislation, in order to authenticate or identify the user or to verify the information collected for the purposes of safer and/or better provision of the services offered through the website/web platform.
Personal data acquired automatically when you use our Services or register.
We also collect data when you interact with our Services, your advertising (or Cookie) settings, if any, and your communications with Collesi Trade s.r.l. . This data is the data we receive from the devices (including mobile devices) you use when you access our Services. This may also include the following: Unique device ID or code, device type, ad ID and unique device token, geolocation data, including location data captured through your mobile device (please note, however, that most mobile devices allow you to control or disable the use of location services by installed applications through the settings menu), computer and connection data, e.g. statistics on page views, traffic entering and leaving the site, referring URLs, ad data, IP addresses, browser history and web log data.
How we use your personal data
We use the personal data that you provide and/or that we collect from you for a number of different purposes mainly related to the provision of our Services and by processing it in line with the requirements of applicable laws. We use your personal data to fulfil our contractual obligations to you and to provide you with our Services, to comply with applicable law, to protect your interests or for other public interest requirements. Here are some examples: For payment processing and account management, to operate, measure and improve our Services, to keep our Services safe, secure, and operational, and to customize content on the Site, including items, products and services in which you may be interested. To contact you regarding your account, resolve related issues, resolve a dispute regarding a requested service or product, recover fees or other amounts due and payable as necessary to provide you with our Services. To ensure the efficiency of telephone contact, we may also use automated or pre-recorded telephone calls or text messages or emails as permitted by applicable law. To provide you with other services you have requested, as indicated when we collect the data. To prevent, detect, mitigate and investigate fraud, security breaches and potentially prohibited or illegal activities. To improve our Services, for example, by reviewing data about blocked or broken pages visited by users so that we can identify and fix problems and provide you with a better experience and service. To customise, measure and improve the advertising used to promote and deliver our services based on the data and preferences you may have provided to us. To offer you discounts and special promotions, to find out your opinions and to better inform you about our Services or products, as permitted by current legislation. To present you with targeted proposals, service updates and promotional offers based on any preferences you may have identified. To conduct surveys and/or measure the performance of our email marketing campaigns (e.g. we may analyse open and click-through rates for a service and/or product). With your consent, we may also use your personal data to: - Make sales proposals including by phone calls, emails or SMS. - Use your geolocation to provide you with location-based services. - Use your data to facilitate transactions in respect of services offered or requested by you. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.
If you do not wish to receive marketing, advertising and/or promotional communications, you may deny or revoke your consent in this regard, you may change your Notification Preferences, indicate your different preferences or processing requirements provided, of course, that this is compatible or possible with the functionality and/or usability of the site and services or with the applications connected with and/or in respect of the services requested and/or offered.
If you do not wish to take advantage of promotional information and/or advertising, you may deny your consent. By opting out, you will have your advertising discontinued, but the collection of your personal information - including your registration and/or access and/or use of the site - will continue as described in the Privacy Policy. We do not allow third parties to monitor or collect your personal data on our sites for their own advertising purposes without your consent.
Keeping access active
When you access our Services, you may choose (at your choice and responsibility) whether or not to keep your access active for a certain period of time. If you use a public or shared computer, we do not recommend that you maintain active access after each use. During the period that access is maintained, anyone using the computer/browser in question will in fact be able to see most of your account information and perform specific actions without further authorisation. If you attempt to change your password or user ID, update other account information, or perform other account activity in addition to those listed above, you may be asked to enter your password or - for security purposes and in your own interest - you may be contacted by phone or email by one of our operators. To end your session, it is usually sufficient to log out and/or delete your cookies. If certain browser privacy settings are enabled, closing the page may still end the session. In order to protect your account and personal data when using public or shared computers, we recommend that you log out and/or delete cookies after using our Services.
Ways in which you can access, check and rectify your personal data
Accessing, correcting and deleting your personal data By logging into your account you can view, check and change most of your personal data. Update your personal data immediately in case of changes or errors. Remember that once content is published, it is possible that you (as well as Collesi Trade s.r.l. ) may not be able to effectively or usefully modify or remove it. In some cases provided for by current legislation, notwithstanding your possible right to request access, modification or deletion of your personal data, we may still deny, where there are competing interests of an overriding nature or where this is provided for by law, such access or refuse the modification or deletion of personal data. If you request us to stop processing some or all of your personal information or withdraw (if applicable) your consent to our use or sharing of your personal information for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, we may not be able to provide you with all of the Services and customer support offered to our users and authorised under this Privacy Policy and our Site User Agreement. At your request, we will close your account as soon as possible and remove your personal information, depending on your account activity and in accordance with applicable law. In any case, you may contact the data controller and address to them any request for integration, modification, deletion of data or revocation and/or modification of your consent.
How we may share or disclose your personal data to third parties
We may share or disclose your personal data only to the parties listed below and for the following and related purposes - companies that provide the products and/or services that you request us to provide on your behalf and who may use your personal information in order to provide content, products and/or joint services that you have requested (such as registration, transactions, shipping, pick-ups, customer service, etc.); or to facilitate the detection, investigation, mitigation and prevention of potentially fraudulent and illegal acts, breaches of agreement and/or contract and/or transaction and breaches of data security; or to provide you with personalised advertising; or to improve their products, sites, applications, services, tools and marketing communications. - service providers and/or professionals and/or financial institutions that collaborate for the provision of our Services, the processing of payments, the possible protection of the company Collesi Trade s.r.l. for the purposes of debt collection or for the purposes of its defence in the event of disputes, the personalisation of advertising, the prevention, detection, mitigation and investigation of potentially unlawful acts, violations of the agreement and/or contract relating to the transaction carried out, fraud and/or security breaches, the issuing and collection of invoices, the setting up of affiliation programmes, the use of credit cards or other payment methods - third-party shipping service providers (e.g., DHL, UPS, USPS, etc.) with whom we share delivery addresses, contact information, and shipping codes in order to facilitate the delivery of goods and/or provision of services.
Law Enforcement, Judicial Proceedings and Modalities Authorised by Law
In order to comply with the regulations in force, the application of the Agreement and the contracts with the users, the response to complaints regarding violations of one's own or third parties' rights or other content, the protection of other people's rights, the protection of property or safety, as well as to protect the legitimate interests and rights of Collesi Trade s.r.l. , of the user or of third parties involved, we may communicate the processed data to Judicial Authorities or law enforcement agencies or subjects/bodies/organisations authorised by law depending on the case. The above also in response to a verified request or other procedure provided for by law related to a criminal investigation or an illegal or alleged illegal activity or any other activity that exposes our company, its collaborators and/or employees, your person or any other subject to a legal liability. For this purpose and for your protection, we will provide you with information that you have legitimately requested from us or that we deem relevant to the investigation or request, such as your name, city, province, postcode, telephone number, email address, user ID history, IP address, fraud complaints, bid and advertisement history, or other tax and/or banking information in our possession.
Unwanted or threatening e-mail messages
Improper use of our Services is not tolerated. You are not authorised to add or reach Collesi Trade s.r.l. or other users or suppliers in the contact list of the site (by email or post), to contact them by telephone or SMS for commercial purposes, unless the user in question has given explicit consent. Sending unwanted or threatening email or SMS messages is a violation of our User Agreement. To report spamming or counterfeit or unwanted e-mails you can forward the relevant e-mail to the address of the controller and/or the owner for the purpose of appropriate action
Further information
For any further doubts or clarifications regarding the content and application of this notice, please do not hesitate to contact the data controller at the addresses specified above.

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